Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Something fresh...Open Arts Journal

The OU are very pleased to announce the much anticipated launch this summer of the Open Arts Journal, an initiative of the Department of Art History at The Open University (UK): http://openartsjournal.org/

The inaugural issue, spanning art, art history, literature, critical theory and cultural geography, is entitled 'Cosmopolitanism as Critical and Creative Practice' – guest edited by Eleanor Byrne and Berthold Schoene from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Cosmopolitanism as critical and creative practice: an introduction
Eleanor Byrne and Berthold Schoene, Manchester Metropolitan University
The world on a train: global narration in Geoff Ryman’s 253
Berthold Schoene, Manchester Metropolitan University
The precarious ecologies of cosmopolitanism
Marsha Meskimmon, Loughborough University
‘How dare you rubbish my town!’: place listening as an approach to socially engaged art within UK urban regeneration contexts
Elaine Speight, Birkbeck College London
Towards a cosmopolitan criticality? Relational aesthetics, Rirkrit Tiravanija and transnational encounters with pad thai
Renate Dohmen, University of Louisiana
Parallel editing, multi-positionality and maximalism: cosmopolitan effects as explored in some art works by Melanie Jackson and Vivienne Dick
Rachel Garfield, University of Reading
Offshore cosmopolitanism: reading the nation in Rana Dasgupta’s Tokyo Cancelled, Lawrence Chua’s Gold by the Inch and Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger
Liam Connell, University of Winchester
Trick questions: cosmopolitan hospitality
Eleanor Byrne, Manchester Metropolitan University
Google paintings
John Timberlake

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