Wednesday, May 28, 2014

TACT in Moscow

We TACTed in Moscow in cooperation with the Poletayev Institute for Historical and Theoretical Studies in Humanities National Research University Higher School of Economics
HistoriCity: Urban Space and Changing Historical Culture
Moscow, May 23-24, 2014

The conference focused on the changing historicity of urban environment and the formation of modern city historical culture. Acceleration of historical time, incessant modernization of urban environment render the status of the Historical in modern city space problematic, change its meaning, and suggest different modes of historicity. Heritage becomes a subject of various kinds of conflicts, such as those between monuments and functional needs of city development, between different concepts of authenticity, or between different modes of urban historical experience. A relativization of historical consciousness deprives historical heritage of internal homogeneity and provokes clashes of different interpretations of objects’ value and authenticity, of city communities’ identities as well as clashes of history and memory.

The mobility of modern society provides the crucial context in which the existence of urban historical heritage today is to be analyzed. The development of tourism industry, with destinations competing for visitors, is among the key factors of urban environment transformation. It drives the designing of city images, the search and mobilization of cultural resources and the activity of other cultural industries. Massification of tourism generates new models of heritage consumption and development. It becomes an important factor of effective management within the experience economy and, at the same time, it propels the search of authentic, uncorrupted, individualized heritage experience.
The conference provided an opportunity for an interdisciplinary discussion of historicity issues in modern cities within the context of various forms of urban development, musealization and tourism industry.

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