Monday, November 17, 2014

New Special Issue by Visual Documentation Journal, Routledge

New Special Issue of Visual Documentation Journal, Routledge
'The Imaginary City in the Twenty-first Century'
Volume 30 Number 4 December 2014
Editors: Ayşe Erek and Ayşe H. Köksal

This special issue of Visual Resources examines the ongoing debates about art and urban imaginary by connecting the city with its past and its present. Not only are the cities structured in different forms of representation and imaginaries they are also themselves spaces of imagination and creativity. Hence urban imaginary and art are interwoven in countless ways in the city to reveal or conceal multiple stories. The five essays collected here propose new interpretations on the dynamic ways of producing urban representation interlaced with the contemporary art world, the urban visual culture, as well as its institutions, such as museums, biennials, exhibitions, and cultural events.

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