Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Panel Search- deadline Jan. 20

The Planning and Governance of Quasi-public Space (deadline Jan. 20)

I am organizing a panel for the 16th SACRPH conference in Los Angeles in November 2015. This panel intends to focus on the planning, use, and governance of quasi-public spaces in urban areas. Examples might include, but are certainly not limited to, pedestrian walkways, tunnels, sidewalks, or public-private open spaces like parks and pedestrian malls. It is my hope that the papers might work together to ask questions about how planners, architects, corporations, and government officials have created exclusionary public spaces in cities, how citizens responded to or resisted those proscriptions, and how that conflict reshaped various aspects of the urban built environment.
The geographic focus of papers is open. I will be offering one that compares spaces in Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California. Other Sunbelt-focused papers, other US examples, or those with international focuses would be welcomed. If interested, please send a paper abstract to kyle.k.shelton@rice.edu by January 20.

Kyle Shelton
Kinder Institute for Urban Research
Rice University 

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