Wednesday, May 6, 2015

CfP: After the Berlin Wall: 25 years of transformations

We are pleased to invite you to the 7th Slovenian Social Science Conference on ”After the Berlin Wall: 25 years of transformations” organized by the  Junior Sociological Network of the International Sociological Association, the Slovenian National Committee of the UNESCO Management of Social Transformations Program (MOST) and  the School of Advanced Social Studies (Fakulteta za uporabne družbene študije), that will take place in Nova Gorica, Slovenia,  21th - 23th August 2015. 


In order to consider the influence of the communist legacies, transition processes and nowadays situation in post-communist countries in a broad spectrum of social reality, the conference will include panels dealing with cultural, economic and political issues. The fall of the Berlin Wall will be (re)considered as a demarcation of the new social and political order, which signified the post-communist countries in the global context. The conference welcomes all contributions addressing the various aspects of these transition processes and its implications on today’s society on different levels referring to the macro and micro dimensions of the listed phenomena. Comparisons with other types of transformations, such as those taking place in Latin America and Africa are also encouraged, as well as placing the “East” ant the “West” in comparative perspectives. 


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