Tuesday, July 21, 2015

If you are in Berlin ....Gütermarkt

3 May - 11 Oct 2015
Sundays from 12 until 19
Gütermarkt, a hybrid between craftsmen, DIY and flea market, looks for the imaginary and newly possible socio-economical models on the local scale. It involves diverse site-specific services, providing space for various ways of exchange and allow experimentation, social critic and productive discussions about current ‘urban development’ and transformation of Moabit. 
Beyond trading with ‘goods’, Gütermarkt promotes alternative ways of knowledge exchange, with an aim to serve as a local platform for critical urban pedagogy and community development. 
In this season, 2015 the Gütermarkt is build on 6 different conceptual islands to blur the official borders between the ZK/U Center for Arts and Urbanistic and the city park in order to create an inclusive space for unexpected social relationships. Additionally is the Gütermarkt inspired by a variety of different topics namely “holidays”, “education” or “communication”.
This is what you can do:
• Rent a market stand and sell your favourit things
• Craftsman offer their specific skills to repair and up-cycle
• Hello Kids! Bring your blankets, exchange and finally trade your Pokémon-Cards and Lilifee-Horses!
• Ideas, yes please! You want to offer a workshop or present your skills … Call us!
• Learn secret-skills of the local Boule-master and become Güterchampion in the Boulodrom!
No passion for forced - participation! Then your right here. Simply enjoy becoming a happy consumer of live music, culinary specialities from the neigh bourhood or let your pants, toaster and bike get fixed on spot.

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