Friday, August 28, 2015

CfP: Digital-Cultural Ecology and the Medium-Sized City

Digital-Cultural Ecology and the Medium-Sized City
Conference: 01-03 April 2016
Place: Bristol, UK
Organisers: Architecture_MPS, CMIR, UWE
Venue: Arnolfini Centre for Contemporary Arts

Key Dates:
01st Nov 2015: Abstract deadline
01-03 April 2016: CONFERENCE
01st July 2016: Begin Publication of Full Papers
Conference proceedings online; Book publications in print; Special Issues of the Architecture_MPS journal.

Publisher: Intellect Books

In every country in the world medium-sized cities out number capital cities in both quantity and gross population. They are however, historically overlooked. In a digital and interconnected age these cities have the potential to by-pass capitals and challenge the hegemony of central economic and political organisations. They can form networks vastly more complex, intricate and numerous than the now standard group of connected ‘global cities’; can become self-sustained economically and culturally; and forge forward with new ideas in their specialist fields.

In this context, the present conference focuses on how the medium sized cities from across the world are adapting to the economies, practices and infrastructures of the digital age; how the interaction and communication of the digital message is reframing life in these cities, whether new or old; and how the digitization of the urban arena is changing the reality of the representation of city life.
In short, it asks what are the implications of the digital times in which we live, on the civic, cultural, economic and urban forum of medium-sized city.
It welcomes the participation of architects, planners, activists, artists, technologists, animators, filmmakers, cultural studies experts, programmers, gamers and more.

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