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CfP: Culture and Space - May 06-08, 2015 - Izmir, TURKEY

May 06-08, 2015 - Izmir, TURKEY
Culture and Space

Edward Soja in his book Postmodern Geographies says that “We must be insistently aware of how space can be made to hide consequences from us, how relations of power and discipline are inscribed into the apparently innocent spatiality of social life, how human geographies become filled with politics and ideology”. It is assumed that the spatiality of social life is under the threat and disguise of authoritarian ideologies and practices which may hide the realities of power relations on every level of space in a given culture and society or between the countries of the world. “Space” in the context of our symposium encompasses all sorts of space/places/domains/geographies that human cultural practices directly or indirectly share. The symposium seeks to explore all dialectics and realities of space and culture.

Since the nature of our symposium has traditionally been cross/interdisciplinary, research and studies from all disciplines in the social sciences along with relevant applied sciences are invited. We will have a limited number of Turkish sessions for those who would prefer to present in Turkish (no simultaneous translation will be available).

We welcome proposals for individual papers, entire sessions, presentations, performances, films, roundtables, workshops, conversations or alternative formats.

For further information:

Deadline for 250-word proposals (as abstracts): December 30, 2014

Please e-mail your proposal and a short BIO (50 words) to:

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