Monday, September 15, 2014

Graffolution – what would work for you?

Graffolution is a European Union funded project aimed at addressing graffiti vandalism in public areas and public transport and also embracing opportunities for street art in the contexts of regeneration and place-making. It is coordinated between SYNYO, Vienna; Sine, Munich; Eticas & University of Barcelona, Barcelona; and University of the Arts London.

The project seeks to develop an online platform of resources, services and opportunities focused on sharing good practice information between diverse communities (professionals and publics) who are keen to promote efficient and appropriate responses to graffiti.

We invite you to help shape this platform by responding to the survey via the link in this email. We will greatly value your inputs, we will keep your responses anonymous and if you wish, we can keep you up to date as the project evolves between now and 2016.

Everyone is invited to respond - from community representatives, though to authorities, crime prevention professionals, as well as street artists, graffiti writers, other creative practitioners, academics and more. The more people that feed back to this survey the more appropriate the outputs of the Graffolution EU project can be.

// Please complete the survey by Monday 22nd September, or before.

Many thanks in advance,

Marcus Willcocks and team

Graffiti Dialogues Network, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London - Graffolution UK project partners

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