Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Micro-urbanism. City in details

Micro-urbanism. City in details. Ed. by Olga Brednikova and Oksana Zaporozhets. Moscow: New Literary Observer, 2014.

The book is devoted to and inspired by contemporary city. A variety of research approaches grasping the fluidity, plurality and ambiguity of urban life are united by micro-urbanism as a common analytical perspective. Micro-urbanism is a possibility to look at the city at the close distance, to discern it in nuances and details. It unfolds a dense everyday life of the city and highlights the urbanites as its main actors, who create the city, its places and routes via everyday activities, senses and feelings. Along with the usual, though not quite familiar, urban characters such as public transport passengers, wedding companies and omnipresent tourists, the book introduces relatively new participants of urban life: urban explorers, graffiti writers, sellers and buyers of flea markets, and many other. Vivid narrations bring to life vibrant and emotionally saturated city.

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